PIAA 4″ 5600K 12V 24W Quad Edge LED cube wide driving lights kit (ECE)

PIAA Quad Edge 4″ Wide Driving Beam lights. Engineered for optimal visibility, these lights provide a wide and focused beam pattern, ideal for off-road adventures and low-light conditions.


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PIAA Quad Edge 4″ lights are precision-engineered to deliver powerful illumination for off-road adventures. Featuring advanced LED technology and a compact design, these lights provide exceptional brightness and clarity in any terrain or weather condition. With their rugged construction and versatile mounting options, the Quad Edge lights are built to withstand the rigors of off-road driving while offering easy installation and reliable performance. Whether you’re tackling trails or navigating dark roads, the PIAA Quad Edge 4″ lights ensure enhanced visibility and safety for your journey.

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485 lx

Meters/1 lx

220 m

Meters/0.25 lx

440 m

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