RF10 10″ Ion Yellow Wide-Spread Fog Beam

  • Ultra-wide beam pattern gives superior ground coverage compared to low beams
  • Reflector Facing Technology precisely controls output for better beam definition
  • 2500k Yellow light that throws large amounts of light in poor weather with 4 high power LEDs
  • Rugged 10-1/16” compact design with multiple mounting options for maximum versatility
  • Comes with one light, mounting hardware, and harness with relay, fuse and switch
  • SAE-F Compliant, 10G Vibration Rating, IP67 water tight, 2 Year Warranty
  • Ideal mounting location: Lower bumper or valance to illuminate dark area’s left by headlights

Original price was: €355.00.Current price is: €200.00.

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PIAA RF10 Light Bar - Driving

4 LEDs
Wattage: 32
Color: 6000k

Competitor Dual Row - Spot

20 LEDs
Wattage: 65
Color: 6000k

Competitor Single Row - Spot

4 LEDs
Wattage: 42
Color: 5000k

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